How To Attach Wheel Twist Knobs

Beach Cart-Folding and Beach Cart Folding-Mini with 1/2 inch Stainless Steel axles use wheels with Twist Lock Knobs.
To attach/re-attach the Twist Lock Knob, follow this procedure:

The Wire Lock Pin will slide through the bushing slots.
(Slots in bushing shown in photo.)

 Insert the Wire Lock Pin on the Twist Lock Knob as shown.
Don't insert too far to allow clearance for the bushing.

Align the Twist Lock Knob and bushing slots as shown.
"A" and "B" should align as shown in the above photo.

With the pin "started" on the knob, place Twist Lock Knob on the bushing, being sure it's lined up as in the previous photo.
Push the Wire Lock Pin through slots to engage.
You will hear/feel a click as the Wire Lock Pin seats under the Twist Lock Knob.

No need to twist the Twist Lock Knob when mounting the wheel to the axle.
To remove wheel from axle, twist the Twist Lock Knob only 1/4 turn and pull wheel off.
Twist only 1/4 turn. If you twist too much, the Wire Lock Pin may pop off the Twist Lock Knob.

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