"Modified Beachcarts"
The Carts On This Page Are Not For Sale
Photos Are Here To Help You Do It Yourself With Wheeleez
We Do Not Do Modifications Or Fabrications
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On this page are beach carts that were modified using Wheeleez Wheels.
 If you've modified an existing beach cart or built your own using Wheeleez
you are invited to submit photos and/or an explanation of your project.

We will proudly display them for you.

All we ask is that you explain how you did it so we can share it with others.

What A Difference!!!
Pictures & Details Of Modification Below

The cart above works great with the new Wheeleez wheels.
As loaded in the picture it weighs approx. 128 lbs (cart included).
It rolls easily over soft sand and is a huge improvement - like night & day, over the stock wheels.

Included below are some photos, a parts list & a short explanation of how it can be done.


Material List: (All items are stainless steel except for aluminum rod)
  • 1ea.  1" x 44" aluminum axle cut to size. (Will be cut down to proper size)
  • 2ea. 1/4" X 2.5" (leg length) u-bolts to fit 1" shaft
  • 4ea. 1/4" flat washers
  • 4ea. 1/4" nylon-insert locknuts
  • 4ea. 1" flat washers
  • 4ea. cotter pins
  • 2ea. 42cm Wheeleez wheels

How To Do It:

  • Remove old wheels & axle.
  • Use one existing u-bolt hole & drill one new u-bolt hole toward handle end of cart, for each side of cart.
  • Center new axle on cart & temporarily bolt into place.
  • Slide new Wheeleez wheels, with a 1" flat washer on each side of wheel, onto axle.
  • Leave a 1/2" to 3/4" gap between sidewall of tire & cart frame.
  • Mark axle on the outside of the flat washers for drilling cotter pin holes.
  • Remove wheels & axle, cut axle to size & drill cotter pin holes.
  • Install axle, washers, wheels & cotter pins


Fully Loaded & Ready To Go !!

Front View -Empty & Ready To Load !!

U-Bolt Through Frame Using One Of The Existing Holes

Tapered End Axle With Washers & Cotter Pins Installed

View From Below Showing U-bolt Through Frame, Washer & Cotter Pin Position

Outside Washer & Cotter Pin Through Axle

View From Above Of Completed Modification

Got an idea??? Wheeleez wheels will make it work.
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